Learned Library is a leading electronic research base Company, providing edge cutting library facilities to the legal Industry in Nigeria

It is trite that the practice of a lawyer is as good as his library. This implies that productive lawyers, law firms, ministries and faculties of law largely depends on their library to improve their legal practice. Learned Library has then taken the task off the legal Practictioners by making use technological method and artificial intelligence in making available cut edging standard virtual library our clients can access at anytime.

Our vision is to make legal research and law practice affordable, available, easier and more productive. Our mission is to continuously provide upto date judgments of courts, laws and other research materials to help our clients excel in their research and law practice.

We understand that legal drafting develops and improves on existing precedents, Our platform offers precedents to assist and guide our subscribers when drafting court processes, commercial agreements, letters, statutory notices and forms.

The practice of a legal practitioner in Nigeria cuts across the entire 36 states of the federation, each State and Court has its own unique civil procedure rules and Administration of Criminal Justice Law. A legal practitioner must at all-time be abreast with all the rules. To ease the convenience of research and accessibility, we have compressed the rules of various courts into digital formats and you’re just a few click away from any rule of court in Nigeria. Rules of courts were made to be obeyed, you can only obey them if you have them handy.

There is an old saying that God forbid that a lawyer should know all the law but the best lawyer is he that knows where to find the law when needed. All the laws of federation particularly the ones that matter to your day to day practice are digitalized and available on our website. Just some few clicks and you can find them here.

We have a unique and fast search engine that runs across over 12,000 ratios. The Ratios are simplified, well arranged, easy to read, ever trusted and undiluted facts, reasoning, quotes and thoughts culled from Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Judgments. They cover every aspect of law and ready to provide solution to any question you might have to answer while writing your brief or research paper.

We update our data base every day, we upload the ratio decidendi and full judgments of the most recent judgments of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal immediately after they have been delivered.